hazeukdreamz: Mash’Allah sister. Keep making …


Mash’Allah sister. Keep making us proud. I can tell you genuinely enjoy sucking dick. My cousin once told me that he used to take Quran recital and hafiz lessons from a local Hafiza. She was 14 years older than him. When he was 16.. She used to come over twice a week. One Quran session, his parents were away and only his younger sister was in the house alongside the Quran Hafiz teacher. Sister was playing in her bedroom while Quran was being memorises by my cousin downstairs with the female teacher. He couldn’t focus and kept reciting verses incorrectly by heart so the Hafiza asked why so many mistakes. He said “I’m sorry I can’t remember so well”… she then said “You want me to show something you’ll remember”.

She got his hands and allowed him to grope her boobs. He was so confused but so excited. She told him to relax and sit back.. She touched his belt and he asked if this will get them in trouble. She laughed and told him that sometimes Allah wants people to do these things, plus she told him he’ll remember better now and winked at him. He thought she wanted to fondle with his dick.. which she did at first.. but then she took out her tongue and started licking his throbbing cock up and down then engulfed his cock in her mouth.. with the Quran open besides them.. She proceeded to deep throat his cock Until he came. His first ever blowjob. That lucky prick!